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An introduction to witchcraft and living life as a witch / Session #2 - Monday 15th April

An introduction to witchcraft and living life as a witch / Session #2 - Monday 15th April

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Further to popular request we have designed a workshop to help those looking to start their journey as a witch. As there are so many different elements to witchcraft we thought we'd split this into four parts and offer each part on various dates and times over the coming months so we can help all those keen to progress with their own personal journey as a witch. 

You can opt to attend all four sessions or just pick and choose how many you feel drawn to attend. The main questions we'll be looking to help you understand the answers to for each session are detailed below although it may be that we get drawn into other topics of specific interest too. 

Session 1
What is witchcraft?
What is Wicca?
How can witchcraft be incorporated into modern life?
What types of witches are there? 

Session 2: 
What is the wheel of the year? 
What is a coven and how do different ones operate? 
What is grounding? 
What is cleansing and why is it important? 

Session 3: 
What is a Grimoire? 
What spells and rituals are best to start with? 
What is an altar and how can you create one? 
What different types of magic are there? 

Session 4: 
What are the main tools and equipment used in witchcraft? 
What is Intention and why is it important? 
What are Tarot cards & Oracle Cards?
What is shadow work? 

After each session you'll receive information sheets to take home and a little gift from us.  

Date: Monday 15th April - Session #2
Time: 6pm - 7.15pm 

Please note that we use incense and oils within our space, if you are sensitive to certain smells or botanicals do let us know in advance. 
Hosted by coven leaders Harri & Kerri, VIW member discount available 
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