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Lunar Coven Cove

Journal by candle light - Friday 3rd May

Journal by candle light - Friday 3rd May

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These short journaling sessions are just a chance for you to come along and journal in the company of other like minded souls. We'll be working in quiet with candle light and subtle music in the background. We will allow talking but ask you speak quietly/softly so as not to disturb those taking time out to relax. These sessions are just an hour long so a perfect opportunity to take time out from your busy day to day lives. Refreshments are included. 

Pens, Pencils and decorative items will be available for you to use but please bring your own journal.

Date: Friday 3rd May 
Time: 6pm - 7pm 

We'll have a simmer pot or incense on in the room so if you struggle with certain scents please let us know in advance. 

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