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Lunar Coven Cove

Lunar Coven Membership

Lunar Coven Membership

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If you would like to join our coven this is where you can sign up and join. Once you have signed up we will contact you, usually via email, to invite you to join the online community spaces. It would be great if you could pop in to see us too, so we can get to know you in person. When you have signed up as a Lunar Coven member you then have access to our coven meets and full moon gatherings. 

Lunar Coven Membership 
  • The opportunity to become part of a community of witches who support each other on their own unique journeys. 
  • Access to monthly coven meets (£6 per session incs refreshments & a little gift) 
  • Free downloadable resources to help you learn and develop your craft (printed also available when you attend a coven meet) 

  • Access to our Facebook group and Whatsapp group (if you choose) 
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