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Lunar Coven Cove

Pathfinding Visualisations for Spiritual Progression - Hosted by Paul - Friday 7th June

Pathfinding Visualisations for Spiritual Progression - Hosted by Paul - Friday 7th June

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Workshop details:
The pathfinding visualisations are designed to take you to a deep meditative/hypnotic (yet still aware) state where symbolism can work on the subconscious in a safe and protected workshop, to achieve certain goals in spiritual progression. It is like following a guided story in you mind's eye.

This is for people who are on a path and not for those starting out. Nor is it a how to meditate course.

Certain parts of the visualisation will remain the same to provide a gateway into the different areas of the internal map used within the journey's. These can be taken away and practised and will become very familiar if several sessions are attended. (They do work on a one off basis too :)

I would like to do a Q & A at the end of the session/s to get feedback on what attendees want to get out of the following 'path findings' and if they can be adjusted to suite. Also how did they get on with them, and any elements of them they want to discuss. (At this point refreshments will be served) 

If you have magical jewellery or clothing etc. that you normally wear when meditating/working in ritual it is best to wear it to create a magical space that you are used to and comfortable with.

Date: Friday 7th June 2024

Time: 6pm - 7.30pm 
Limited spaces, this is a seated workshop 

Host Information: 
"I have been practicing magic since 1989 where I was initiated in a ritual by a many generation witch on Glastonbury Tor. This is mainly for sympathetic healing and other's betterment within circles.

I have celebrated the Sabbats since then and spent 18 months as one of Jehovah's  Witnesses. (I left because of differences of opinion on scripture but it did it did lead to a good grounding in prophecy and Qabalah/Christian ritual)

I have studied with and, am therefore a member of, the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids. I am currently an Ovate.

Most of my writing comes from having completed the 'Guided by Angel's Course. Since then I have been 'working' with, mainly the Archangels of the four directions and the elements associated with them in ritual and everyday life. One of my main pieces of work is helping to repair Ley Lines." - Paul Peers

Workshop Trigger Warnings:
The effects of these 'path findings' can be very deep and may not become apparent straight away. It is possible that profound change, for your highest spiritual good, can occur and sometimes this can lead to changes in how you perceive life. This may not always be accepted by others but will always by accepted by those who you need in your life for your spiritual growth. (and theirs in most cases). Do not attempt to use recreational drugs when partaking in this workshop as they take you too far into the subconscious. Being still aware and partly in the conscious is the key to bringing the effects through to everyday life, if so required.

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