Lunar Coven

The Lunar Coven is based in Seaton, Devon, UK run by leaders Harri & Kerri. Joining our Coven gives you the opportunity to become part of a supportive group of witches, each on their own path. This coven is open to all, beginners and those more advanced in their practice. We do not undertake any binding in this coven and those who attend our meets are most often solitary witches who simply want to spend time with other like minded souls.

You can join 'in person' and attend our workshops & gatherings or alternately find out more about our online membership option (COMING SOON)

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Our Coven

Coven meets are currently arranged for the 2nd Thursday of each month. There will often be additional meets during the month including full moon gatherings and wheel of the year events. 

Lunar Coven Membership 
  • The opportunity to become part of a community of witches who support each other on their own unique journeys. 
  • Access to monthly coven meets (£6 per session incs refreshments & a little gift. You must book a space on the website to attend these) 
  • Access to The Lunar Coven Facebook group & Whatsapp chat (if you choose to join) 
  • Free downloadable resources to help you learn and develop your personal craft (Printed also available when you attend a coven meet) 

Joining fee: £2.50

The coven is for ages 18+ if you are under 18 and interested in joining the coven we will need to meet your parent / guardian first to ensure they are happy for you to attend, you and your parents / guardian will both need to sign the terms and conditions. 

The Lunar Coven Terms & Conditions

  1. Lunar Coven Cove and The Lunar Coven are trading names of Imagine Design Create Ltd 
  2. Members accept that these terms and conditions come into effect from the date and time at which they purchase their membership, and throughout the duration thereof. We reserve the right to update and revise these terms at any time; any such changes will take effect when published on the website.
  3. By becoming a member of The Lunar Coven, you agree that you are 18 years of age or older and have the legal authority to enter into these Terms, or that a parent has spoken and signed these terms on your behalf. 
  4. The information, products or services shared by and within The Lunar Coven do not constitute medical advice, diagnosis or opinion, and must not be used as a substitute for professional therapy, counselling, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, substance misuse treatment, physical healthcare or mental healthcare. Members must seek the appropriate advice or care from a professional healthcare provider when making any change to their diet, lifestyle, medication or nutritional supplementation. 
  5. Administrators of The Lunar Coven are not qualified to provide advice or assistance where matters of mental health or wellbeing are concerned. If you require support, please reach out to a qualified professional or relevant charity. 
  6. Members understand that any information they share within The Lunar Coven will be held as confidential, unless that member provides written consent for their information to be shared.
  7. Administrators and members of The Lunar Coven make no claims to cure, improve or resolve any problem, medical or otherwise, and guarantee no specific outcome to any of the guidance given. The information shared is for entertainment purposes only and does not replace the guidance of professional practitioners. 
  8. Members agree that all information - recipes, spells, rituals or otherwise - provided and discussed by and within The Lunar Coven is utilised at the member’s own risk. The Lunar Coven assumes no responsibility for the decisions or activities (examples of which include, but are not limited to: the misidentification or misuse of foraged botanicals) undertaken by its members, and accepts no liability for any damage, loss, illness, injury or death to persons or properties as a result of such activities.
  9. Members acknowledge that any information shared within The Lunar Coven, whether delivered verbally, visually, in writing or otherwise, shall be treated as confidential by all Coven members. No media distributed within The Lunar Coven - either by Coven administrators or other Coven members - is permitted to be copied or shared without acquiring prior written permission to do so.
  10. Any recurring monthly or annual payments will need to be set up with your bank to reach us on the 1st of each month. You have the right to cancel your membership at any time. This can be done by contacting us in person or via email. Any paid monthly membership fees will not be refunded, so ensure you cancel your membership before your next monthly payment is due, if you wish to do so.