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Lunar Coven Cove

Abundance and Prosperity Spell Casting - Tuesday 2nd July

Abundance and Prosperity Spell Casting - Tuesday 2nd July

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Join us for an Abundance and Prosperity Spell Casting session. Each attendee will have their own equipment and will prepare their own spell with our guidance, they will then take time to write our own manifestations and intentions privately before we all come together to cast the spell in unison. 

This spell can be used to manifest financial abundance, good fortune or prosperity in different forms. 

This spell casting session is beginner friendly and something that once you've taken part in here in our safe space you will know how to recreate at home for future use. 

Date: Tuesday 2nd July
Time: 6.00pm - 7.30pm 

Please note that we use incense and oils within our space, if you are sensitive to certain smells or botanicals do let us know in advance. 
Hosted by coven leaders Harri & Kerri

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