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Lunar Coven Cove

Banish Negativity Spell Jar

Banish Negativity Spell Jar

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Do you feel like there is negativity energy attached to you or in your home? These spell jars have been designed to help you banish the negative energies that you can feel. The herbs and crystals within have been carefully selected to help you energetically banish the negativity. Simply keep this jar within the room you feel these energies or if you feel that it is you that negativity is attached to spend time holding the jar and manifesting those negativities being banished. 

These are made by The Lunar Witches, Harri & Kerri in store at Lunar Coven Cove. Please remember to add a name at the check out if you select to have a name added into your jar. 

Please note that the wax colour seal on these can vary between black or dark blue and sometimes a combination of both depending on how and what we feel is required. 

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