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Lunar Coven Cove

Beginner Witch Mystery Box

Beginner Witch Mystery Box

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If you are a beginner witch AKA 'Baby Witch' and want to get some witchy goodies but are not sure what to get why not grab a Lunar Coven Cove 'Beginner Witch Mystery Box'. In our mystery boxes you'll find a selection of goodies hand picked for you by witches Harri and Kerri, items that we think will be useful for you as you explore your path into witchcraft. Inside you'll find a mixed assortment of hand created and curated goodies that we think you will find useful and love. 

We have a few different options for these boxes: 

Bronze Beginner Witch
A box with items to the value of £30, these boxes do no contain a book

Silver Beginner Witch 
A box to the value of £50

Gold Beginner Witch 
A box to the value of £60. This box contains a book, you can choose to include one of two books that we think are really useful when starting out on your journey as a witch. 
opt for either: The Witch's Yearbook or The Baby Witch's Journal. 

Platinum Beginner Witch 
A box to the value of £100+ This box will contain many items including a book and card deck (this could be Tarot, Oracle or both) 

If you are allergic to anything please do let us know when ordering so we can avoid anything that may contain the substance you are allergic to. 

Please note that all of these are custom made to order, the photos are examples only and do not confirm what you will receive in your box. As these are custom made they are not returnable. 

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