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Calm and Reflect, Simmer Pot Bag / Simmer Spell Kit

Calm and Reflect, Simmer Pot Bag / Simmer Spell Kit

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This simmer pot spell has been created with the intention to help you calm and reflect, whilst also filling your space with a subtle fresh scent. A great one to have in the room with you if you need to take time to calm down, ease anxious thoughts and reflect on the positives in your life.

A suggested manifestion spell will come with your simmer pot bag though you can choose not to speak any words or use your own words of intention whilst preparing your simmer pot. 

Embrace the enchantment of simmer pots, infusing your space with both fragrance and magic. Discover the ancient art of creating ambiance and manifesting intentions with our Lunar Coven Cove simmer pot bags. 

These simmer pot bags have been made by resident witch Kerri, she's intertwined herbs and spices, runes and specially crafted intention spells. 
Small bags have been designed for smaller simmer pots and oil burner sized simmer stations. 
Medium bags have been designed for our 300ml simmer pot though can be used in any simmer station that can hold 250ml or more 

How to use: 
Simply add the ingredients of the simmer bag to your simmer pot and add a small amount of boiling water, though do not fill completely to the top, leave room for the ingredients to float. Cast your intention spell whilst lighting the candle of your simmer pot should you wish. 
When you have finished with your simmer pot carefully drain the water off and place the used ingredients into your food compost bin if you have one. 

As with all candles, never leave a lit candle unattended. 
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