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Manifestation Boost Mist / Room Spray

Manifestation Boost Mist / Room Spray

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Manifestation Boost Mist / Room Spray 
Mist / Room Spray for use in spells and rituals 

Made by Lunar Coven leader & Green Witch, Kerri. 

Product Information
Distilled Alcohol, Essential Oils (a special blend) and crystal chips. 

These are made to order for online orders to give extended shelf life. Keep out of direct sunlight and these should last 6 months+ 

The bottles are plastic with a spray nozzle and cap. 30ml.

Made with a specially chosen blend of essential oils and crystal chips this spray has been designed for use when you working on manifestation journalling, spells or rituals to give them an added boost.  

*Please note that in transport the bottle can be shaken and the water can turn cloudy, this is perfectly normal and the spray is still suitable for use. 

DO NOT spray directly onto skin, in your face or directly onto soft furnishings. 

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