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Personal Protection Spell Kit - Spell Bag

Personal Protection Spell Kit - Spell Bag

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This little bag contains a step by step 'Personal Protection Spell' written by coven leader Kerri together with the ingredients you'll need. Once you've used the ingredients for this spell we recommend keeping the printed spell guide for future use. You can always harvest your own herbs or purchase them from us here on our website for use in additional castings. 

These little spell bags are great for beginner witches 'baby witches' or would make lovely gifts for witchy friends and family. 

*We cannot guarantee the outcome of any spells or rituals we sell. When cast by you (or the recipient you give them to) they need to be done with set intention and in a space where all negative and disruptive energy has been cleared. If you feel you need support before casting any of the spell kits you purchase from us please reach out to us, we are happy to help. 

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