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Lunar Coven Cove

Protection Spell Jar

Protection Spell Jar

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These spell jars have been made with the intention of aiding the owner with the power of protection and the ability to repel negative energy. Inside it has herbs and crystals all charged with protective energies. 

These spell jars have been made by Lunar Coven leaders Harri & Kerri in store at Lunar Coven Cove. If you would like they can personalise the interior by adding your name inside, select 'add name' and remember to add a note at the checkout if you would like your name added to the inside of the jar. 

Keep this Spell Jar close, ideally somewhere you spend time regularly so that you can absorb the protective energies.

These spell jars come with a little info card explaining their intent so are great for gifting to friends and family. 

Please note that the colour of wax on these jars can vary (Black or metallic colours) though they will have the pentagram charm top. 

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