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Protection Spells : An Enchanting Spell Book to Clear Negative Energy Volume 1 by Aurora Kane

Protection Spells : An Enchanting Spell Book to Clear Negative Energy Volume 1 by Aurora Kane

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Filled with spells, charms, rituals, and potions by a pro witchcraft practitioner, carry this petite yet potent spell book with you at all times to shield yourself and those you love from harm. Protection Spells contains a range of spells offering protection from physical danger, negative energy, health challenges, and heartbreak. With these, you can unlock your inner power and mystic energy to achieve what you desire most.

Find spells to protect your home, ward off unwanted visitors, and keep the good energy in at all times. Along with spells and rituals to banish danger and illness, you’ll find methods for making talismans to ward off harm. The spells include:   Rosemary Fortification Ritual Runic Banishing Spell Bless This Home Ritual Protection from Negative Thinking Bedtime Anxiety Ritual Divine Path Protection Jar Self-Love Spray Healing Dream Spell Turn Around Your Fortunes And many more Protection Spells is your guide to safety and strength, giving you the reassurance and positive energy you need.

The Pocket Spell Books series encompasses all your greatest desires and guides you through the spells, potions, rituals, and charms necessary to achieve your goals. These diminutive but powerful books each contain a carefully selected collection of useful spells for seasoned witches and new practitioners alike. Take your magical practice further by collecting all the Pocket Spell Books, which include: Love Spells, Moon Spells, Candle Magic, Pendulum Magic, and Angel Numbers.
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