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Runes for the Green Witch : An Herbal Grimoire by Nicolette Miele

Runes for the Green Witch : An Herbal Grimoire by Nicolette Miele

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A magickal guide to working with runes and plant allies for manifestation, healing, and spellwork. Runes and plants both contain the dynamic and raw energies of Mother Earth and can be used to heal, manifest, protect, and elevate magick. Both support and deepen the nature-human connection that is vital to mind, body, and spirit.

And while both can provide us with many benefits on their own, when merged in magickal union, their combined powers are multiplied exponentially. In this magickal grimoire, herbalist witch Nicolette Miele immerses readers in the wisdom and folklore of the 24 Elder Futhark runes as well as their correspondences with deities, astrology, tarot, crystals, and plants. Each chapter begins by discussing the etymology, meanings, mythology, divination, correspondences, and magick of a particular rune and culminates with profiles of several herbs and plants that possess similar magickal energies.

Each plant profile delves into the magickal, metaphysical, traditional, and medicinal applications as well as how to work with these incredible plant allies. These profiles also provide examples and tips on how the runes and plants may be combined within spells and ritual for manifesting, protecting, healing, banishing, and more. For example, the author connects Fehu, the rune of wealth and value, with the practice of altar-building, making offerings, and with alfalfa, cedar, dandelion, and other plants traditionally used in abundance and prosperity magick.

In the chapter on Kenaz, the rune of heat and illumination, the nature connection is nurtured through the element of fire and a step-by-step bindrune candle ritual. The plants connected with Kenaz are those that embody the characteristics of fire—such as passion, ferocity, and sexuality—and include clove, damiana, and kava kava. Guiding the green witch through the benefits and strengths of synergistic magick, this book helps eclectic magickal practioners advance their craft through folk magick and medicine, rituals, meditations, spells, and the soulful process of rewilding and connecting with Mother Nature.
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