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The Full Moon Yearbook : A Year of Ritual and Healing Under the Light of the Full Moon by Julie Peters

The Full Moon Yearbook : A Year of Ritual and Healing Under the Light of the Full Moon by Julie Peters

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When the full moon rises in the night sky, it's hard not to be captivated by the light that streams down on earth from our closest celestial neighbour. Even in the modern age, drenched in artificial light, the full moon has a magic that speaks to our most primal selves. This magic was recognised throughout human history, and lives on in the names various cultures have given each full moon as it rises above us.

The Full Moon Yearbook combines Native American culture, Medieval Celtic Culture, East Asian culture and Witchcraft to dive into the stories that have led to names like February's Budding Moon, or November's Frost Moon. Over thirteen chapters, the names and mythology associated with each full moon are explored, as well as corresponding crystals, rituals, and yoga practices to make engaging with the energy of the full moon natural and fun. That thirteenth chapter is dedicated to the Blue moon, and in The Full Moon Yearbook readers will discover the reason why this mysterious moon appears in our night skies, along with its even more elusive friend, the Black Moon.

Alongside the folk names, The Full Moon Yearbook highlights some of the goddesses that have been dedicated to, or personified, the moon in ancient religions, bringing their stories to life. With the international perspective, lunar festivals and customs from around the world and practical makes and recipes to help celebrate the full moon are included in this illustrated guide, showing how important the full moon has been throughout history to humankind. The Full Moon Yearbook is perfect for anyone who has ever felt a pull towards living in harmony with the moon, and longs to be living a lunar-inspired life.
ISBN: 9781446310632
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