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The Magic of Seeds Card Deck : An Inspiration Deck for Nature Lovers by Clare Gogerty

The Magic of Seeds Card Deck : An Inspiration Deck for Nature Lovers by Clare Gogerty

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Discover the magic of growing plants from seed with this beautifully illustrated card deck. Featuring 52 plants from flowers to herbs, each card shows the full lifecycle of the plant, explores its uses and reveals some of the myths and stories behind its name, with a beginner’s guide to growing from seed in the accompanying 16 page booklet. Learn how to identify seeds, when best to plant them and what the blooms that sprout up can be used for in the kitchen, in the medicine kit, or simply to infuse your life with a little natural magic.

Presented in a covetable wafer sealed box, the 16-page booklet shares all the information you will need to get started on your seed growing journey. Step-by-step illustrations show the tools and techniques needed to start growing from seed, in an easy to follow format. Alongside this hands-on guidance, the reader will be engaged with snippets of folklore and traditions that further enhance their appreciation of nature and help them discover the inherent magic of seeds.

The perfect tool to help you imagine your dream garden, this deck is full of inspiration, helping you discover the seeds for plants that will fill your life with magic. Because seeds are inherently magical. Every little one has the potential to become a new plant and give you even more seeds - connecting us to the circle of life and nature's endless ability to surprise and delight.

The act of planting seeds and watching them grow into seedlings and then on into productive plants is enormously therapeutic. Even when things don't go to plan, a gardener is constantly learning, growing and deepening their connection to nature. With this handy card deck, perfect for beginners or more experience gardeners alike, planning a new garden is easy, and knowing the meaning and story behind each plant makes the process that bit more magical.

Whether you are a practising green witch, or simply an amateur gardener with a spiritual affinity with nature, this card deck will give you everything you need to successfully grow a garden from seed and unlock the wonders of nature.
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